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So sorry for people who viewed my page..
I'm not so active here in LJ since I'm not write any fanfics, and the first reason i make one account here is to not ongoing become the silent readers for my favourte haehyuk fanfics author ^^ but yup u can drop a comment if u want to be my friend ^^ take care minna san *guess it the last time i will ever updated my journal ahahha *

Donghae Update on Twitter~~ EunHae Love

EunHae Lovenote~~~

[090510] Donghae’s message in Eunhyuk’s Cyworld
Our beloved Eun!!~~^^ During 4jib still wants to be with you like always!! ^^ I Love You Man!! kekeke (Your love… Lee Donghae)

EunHae Parody-Its You

"Hear this, this is for you Hae, I won't have anyone else but you.. we belong together & you know it, that we were meant to be. I'll love you through storm and rain with no condition.."

EunHae**A Little Memories**

+++ Donghae surely know how to find his Hyukkie eventhough he's blindfolded. **

++EunHae Practising choreography for Y.M.C.A song~~~ So Sweet~~~++

++EunHae during 2nd Premium concert live in Japan 2009++

EunHae FoReVer

(EunHae in Boys In City 3-Hong Kong)

Haloo~~~~~ This is mY first entry here. Oww I create this LJ account just for EUNHAE~~~~ I'm neversay06 and I'm 18-yeas old. My biggest obsession is SUPER JUNIOR and EUNHAE~~~~~ I will share my love for EUNHAE with people here so to all EUNHAE lovers~~~ LET"S BE FRIENDS and SHARE OUR LOVE FOR EUNHAE~~~P/S: sorry for my poor english >______<"